Frequently Asked Questions


What websites do I need?

How do I set up my online access to these accounts?

  • NetX Account Registration
    1. Go to the login page and click on “Register.”
    2. Enter the first three digits of the an active Securities America /Pershing account number. (73U works here for all Securities America clients.)
    3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions regarding identity verification and use of the website.
    4. Provide requested data, including account number, SSN and U.S. mailing address, which prompts a series of identity verification questions.
    5. Answer correctly the three identity verification questions. If one question is missed, the system presents a fourth question which must be answered correctly. “None of the above” may be used as a valid answer.
    6. Once identity is verified, create a TEMPORARY User ID and password and provide a valid email address, mother’s maiden name, and client’s date of birth. Mother’s maiden name and client’s date of birth are used later if a password reset is required.
    7. Expect a registration email to the address provided. Click the link in the email to be redirected to NetXInvestor to log in with the User ID and password created in the earlier step. This completes registration and moves the User ID from TEMPORARY to PERMANENT.
    8. Upon initial login, select and provide answers for additional authentication questions, and choose an image and personal phrase.
    9. Review the display of all user security information; edit any incorrect information. After confirming that information, the “Go Paperless” promotional page may pop up.
    10. If no registration email is received, click on “Check Status” on the log-in page and resend the email, or change the email address to receive the registration email. Again, this must occur within three days of initiating the registration process. The “Check Registration” page will show User ID status as follows:
      • Open: Client has not clicked the link in the registration email to complete the registration process. The client has three days from initiating registration to complete the process. Failure to complete within three days will change the User ID status to “blocked.”
      • Blocked: Client did not complete the registration process within three days. The user ID is locked for 15 days, and the client must either repeat the registration process and create a new User ID or wait the 15 days and register again using the original User ID.
      • Approved: Client completed the registration process and the User ID can be used to log in to NetXInvestor.


  • AlBridge Registration
    1. Go to the AlBridge login page and click on “Register Now.”
    2. As prompted, enters your Social Security number and the temporary password that we provide.
    3. Accept the user agreement and answer a series of identity verification questions.
    4. Once you click NEXT our office will be prompted to activate your account and you will then receive an email
      confirming your access to AlBridge



  • eMoney
    1. We are rolling this out to clients over time.


How do I stop getting paper statements?

  • If your account starts with 4LJ/73U/HED/LBE or 07Z then when you sign in to NetX you will see Communications on the left-hand menu, there you can select Settings and then an option to enroll in e-Delivery. Any report you opt to receive electronically you will not receive a paper version of.

I’m locked out. How do I reset my password?

For NetX, Albridge and eMoney please call the office during business hours and Emily or Katie can help you. For your shared folder there is an option to reset the password yourself through your email address. For anything else you will have to go through that websites’ Password Reset steps.

Client Bill of Rights

Working with you on helping to manage your family’s wealth is a critically important and sometimes daunting task. We will ask direct and personal questions, listen carefully to your responses, and craft the best solutions we can to help you achieve your financial and familial dreams. We promise a timely response to your inquiries and requests, but we ask that you be responsive in a timely manner as well–so return our calls promptly, provide us with the information we need and sign and return paperwork in a timely manner. Put simply, it’s got to be a two-way street – we’re a team. We need full disclosure; we can’t do a good, accurate job if we don’t have all the info. If your personal or financial circumstances change, you need to let us know immediately so we can adjust your portfolios and financial plans.  We believe your rights also include data security, confidentiality and hearing the truth, no matter what. Working together as a team, we can help you achieve great things for you and your family. Without that mutual respect and support, it will prove far more difficult to accomplish your goals.