Our process requires two questions be answered.

1) When do you want to retire?
2) How much in inflation-adjusted (current year) dollars do you want to live on when you do retire?

Once we understand this, we may recommend changes to your overall financial picture to reduce the gap (if there is any) and meet your needs. Every time we meet to review your progress in the future, we are ‘minding the gap’ to see how to close that retirement income gap as soon as possible.

We then will have an implementation meeting to sign paperwork and implement the first stages of your family’s wealth management plan. In addition, a few weeks after the implementation meeting, we hold an administrative meeting with our Client Services staff to go over how to read your new statements, make sure you are clear about how to gain electronic access to your information and to make sure you know about all the administrative systems that we use to properly service your accounts.

Obviously, retirement income is only one of many goals that will be critical for managing your family’s financial and wealth resources.

Once we have set a course to ensure you meet your retirement income goal, we then focus our collective attention on these other lifetime goals such as educating your kids, ensuring that your family is protected from premature death and disability using various insurance programs, protecting your assets from creditors and lawsuits (particularly for professionals and physicians), funding for taking care of aging family, charitable and philanthropic planning, etc.

We then delineate strategies to meet those specific goals over the next several meetings, depending on which goals you feel are the most important to you.

  • Insurance (life, disability and long-term care)
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning
  • Charitable and Philanthropic strategies
  • Asset Protection from creditors/lawsuits
  • Trust Management
  • Special needs (parents or children)
  • Multi-Family Office

Think of us as both architect and contractor: We design, and we have the knowledge to build.